Licensing Solutions Provider (LSP)

As a Gold Partner we have built a rich understanding of Microsoft technology, renowned for our ability to deliver solutions across the entire product portfolio.

Licensing : through our dedicated practice, plus valuable services like our Agreement Engagement Plan to help you get the most from your software agreement

SAM: reassuring asset management services to avoid over or under licensing and ensure on going compliance.

Deployment: thanks to a comprehensive service portfolio we deliver across a range of Microsoft technologies

Maintenance: impressive software support via our extensive team of experts

Managed Services: leave your Microsoft solution in the hands of our experts.

We offer our customers customized programs that are designed to meet their business needs, Tailored to the size and purchasing preference of their organization.

One of the many benefits of using NEXT for software licensing is the wealth of experience and expertise within the Software Licensing team, our specialists understand our customers’ needs and are always on hand to discuss in detail any new requirements that they may have.

All members of the team are highly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of software licensing,

as well as all associated product areas.

The licensing team are experienced in dealing with many different parts or subsidiaries of large organizations, which has helped them gain a true understanding of the licensing issues that face Enterprise organizations in today’s marketplace.

As part of Microsoft's Licensing Solutions Provider Program, NEXT recently joined a select list of partners in Jordan that have the ability to sell Enterprise Agreements of Microsoft solutions and technologies directly to large and medium enterprises.

As LSP, we will now be able to sell and procure Microsoft licenses including Microsoft SELECT PLUS, Microsoft ENTERPRISE, ENTERPRISE SUBSCRIPTION Agreements and Microsoft SCHOOL, CAMPUSand EES Agreements programs.

This latest development will give Enterprise customers more choice in order to procure and manage their software assets in the form of an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft.

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