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NEXT & Office 365

In its never- ending quest to search for latest technologies and services, NEXT becomes online service advisor for office 365.

Office 365 from NEXT is a set of messaging and collaboration software that includes business-class email, web conferencing, instant messaging, document storage and collaboration – all delivered as a bundled subscription service via the Microsoft Cloud and fully supported by NEXT.

When you sign up, you get a financially backed SLA from Microsoft that guarantees a minimum of 99.9% application uptime. You also get access to an intuitive online administrator portal that makes it easy to provision and manage software for employees.

Office 365 from NEXT is ideal for your organization if:

Your email and office software is more than five years old or nearing its end of life.

Your business is growing fast and you have plans for multiple locations, mergers or acquisitions.

Your users need more collaboration tools.

You are currently using a hosted or web-based email solution.

When you host your office software in the cloud, you give your employees access to the programs and tools they need to collaborate from anywhere, using a computer or most mobile devices.

End-to-end support and application performance

With Office 365 from NEXT, you get:
A single bill from NEXT for your Office 365 services bundled with Internet and professional

services, 24/7 help desk.

Access to optional bandwidth upgrades that ensure maximum application performance when accessed over NEXT Internet.
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