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NEXT is certified as Microsoft Authorized Education reseller and it is specially trained to sell Microsoft academic software licenses to educational users.

IT Academy (new complex)
Will be available by the end of 2013 to provide our clients and our Neighboring areas with the future ready technology skills they need.

NEXT will expand its expertise and associate Microsoft IT Academy to provide its’ clients with:

Professional Trainings for IT pros, Developers, Business Decision Makers (BDM) and Information Workers (IW) based on their needs.

Help clients in activating their SA benefits such as training vouchers, planning services so the End customers can see some of the benefits they got from their agreements.

Furthermore, NEXT has developed a unique web community for Jordanian children where every child can, play, listen to music, paint, draw, and design his or her own web page.

NEXT has developed to serve both job seekers and employers through offering them a free comprehensive directory of CV’s and Vacancies. Job seekers can use this website to build their CV’s through options enable them to enable to either show or hide their personal information to maintain their privacy while employers can register with their companies names and search for potential candidates.

NEXT has cooperated with the Ministry of Education to publish the results of Tawjihi (high School) Examinations, Universities Admittance and the Comprehensive Examinations for community colleges on all our websites. This step was a great success and it caught the attention of Businessmen Magazine in its 15th edition, Oct. 1, 2003 as more than 4 million and 600 thousands users from Jordan and abroad logged in to the websites and more than 14000 results were sent in SMS form with no problems.

NEXT has developed a website for JUNet (Jordanian Universities Network) JUNet website is a powerful web-based application that simplifies management, and client support tasks by providing Universities with the ability to save the time, Boost Capacity, Maximize Productivity.

NEXT has developed a website for Islamic Scientific School and has issue a
special card with suitable cost for its student incomes encouraging them to use the internet.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

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