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Combining Ultimate Knowledge with exceptional customer service enables NEXT to deliver performance beyond its customers’ expectations. In 2013 NEXT became one of the first genuine Intel partners in the region offering a range of solutions that were backed by the latest technology offered by Intel. This project is a creation of joint vision of NEXT, Microsoft and Intel who have teamed up to present it as it should be.

NEXT is honored to introduce Convertible Intel classmate PC that is embedded with E-Book to the Jordanian Educational Sector as first step then to our entire region. This Product will bring enhanced teaching and learning to students with new education-specific hardware features and software applications. Based on extensive research in classrooms worldwide and in collaboration with educators and local vendors, convertible classmate PCs bring advantages from localized content to interoperability with school networks and infrastructures.

Collaborative classroom solution Flexibility and micro-mobility inside and outside the classroom Converts from clamshell to touch-optimized tablet mode. Unique palm resting feature Rugged, water-resistant keyboard and touch pad with optional capacitive touch
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Intel’s broad ecosystem, pioneering products, and deep expertise in everything from teacher professional development to cloud computing uniquely positions Intel to serve as a powerful ally in advancing student success and developing innovation economies around the world.
Transforming education to meet the needs of today’s learners requires ongoing support for teachers as they implement new teaching practices.

Intel® Teach is a proven program that helps K–12 teachers integrate technology effectively into classrooms and promote student-centered approaches,

engaging students in learning and preparing them with critical skills for success in our digital world.
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